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Question: Application of Nutriplant seed treatment products with starter fertilizers.

Nutriplant seed treatment products can be applied in conjunction with starter fertilizers, but should not be mixed together.

When starter fertilizer is applied using two by two (2×2) method:

  • This common method applies fertilizer two inches to the side and two inches below the planted seeds.
  • Apply starter fertilizer as recommended by the supplier.
  • Apply Nutriplant SD seed treatment directly to seeds and plant treated seeds as usual. OR
  • Apply Nutriplant SL seed treatment directly to seeds or in-furrow. Nutriplant SL should not be applied using “2×2” method because the product has to be placed in contact with seeds.

When starter fertilizers are applied in-furrow:

  • This method is less common because it may deliver too much fertilizer too close to seeds and developing seedlings causing crop damage.
  • Apply Nutriplant SD directly to the seeds and plant treated seeds as usual. Spray starter fertilizer in-furrow as recommended. OR
  • Apply Nutriplant SL directly to seeds and plant treated seeds as usual. Spray starter fertilizer in-furrow as recommended. If field has been fertilized before planting, Nutriplant SL may be applied in furrow instead of starter fertilizer.

Note: Nutriplant SL product should not be mixed with starter fertilizers containing phosphorus, because phosphorus may precipitate micronutrients present in Nutriplant SL product.

Question: Can Nutriplant AG be applied through a center pivot?

We have had several reports with good results applying Nutriplant AG via a center pivot, using an injector capable of applying correct rate of Nutriplant AG per acre.

Question: Can Nutriplant AG be applied through a sprinkler system?

Nutriplant AG has been successfully applied through overhead sprinkler systems by decreasing the amount of water applied to ¼ inch per acre and setting the injector pump to apply the correct dose of Nutriplant AG per acre.

Question: Can Nutriplant AG be co-applied safely with Roundup by air?

We do not recommend applying Nutriplant products with Roundup (glyphosate)

Question: Compatibility of Nutriplant products with agrochemicals, insecticides, fungicides, herbicides.

Liquid Nutriplant products are compatible with most agrochemicals currently on the market. However, we recommend a small test (“jar test”) to insure compatibility of the mix before mixing any agrochemicals with Nutriplant products on a large scale, because formulations of agrochemicals differ widely.

The “jar test” procedure. Add products to water beginning with wettable powders, one at the time, in the same proportion as it would be added to the tank mix. Stir the solution until added product is completely dissolved. Repeat procedure for each product. Mix solution thoroughly after last addition. Check the mixture for chemical compatibility (separation, precipitation, etc.). We also recommend spraying a small area first and waiting a few days to see if the mix is safe before spraying a large area.

We do not recommend mixing of Nutriplant AG and Nutriplant SL products with liquid fertilizers containing phosphates. We also do not recommend application of Nutriplant products with glyphosate.

Question: Do we have any “third party” studies done by Agricultural College or University?

Many trials have been conducted at different Universities. Each year we also conduct trials at the Irrigation Research Foundation (IRF) located in Yuma, Colorado. This is a research farm, owned and operated by farmers, with technical assistance from Colorado State University. They conduct trials under both dryland and irrigated conditions using conventional farming equipment. Many major companies have their products field tested at IRF. Also, IRF has a farm show each year where you can see the trials in progress.

Question: Nutriplant SD and AG use in home gardens and lawns.

Nutriplant products are safe to use in home gardens, and many people use them on lawns and vegetable, fruit and flower gardens.

Question: What is a Nutriplant Seed Treatment?

Nutriplant seed treatment is a nutritional supplement for emergence and root growth of agricultural crops. It is a seed coating available in two forms: Nutriplant SD in powder form and Nutriplant SL in liquid form. Growers report that application of Nutriplant seed treatment products produce following benefits: quicker seedling emergence, more uniform stands, bigger root system and higher yield. Benefits may vary each year depending on conditions.

Question: What is Nutriplant AG?

Nutriplant AG is a foliar nutritional supplement designed to enhance growth and quality of crops. It contains nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, boron, cobalt, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum and zinc, each of which is essential for plant growth and development. Nutriplant AG is designed to be applied at particular stages of crop development, to strengthen the plant against everyday environmental stress, leading to better yields and improved quality.

Question: What Nutriplant products are available?

Currently there are three Nutriplant products available for sale in the USA:

  • Nutriplant SD – a seed treatment in the powder form sold in 25 lb pail with measuring scoop
  • Nutriplant SL – a seed treatment in the liquid form sold in 1.6 gallon jug
  • Nutriplant AG – a liquid foliar nutritional supplement for crops sold in 2.5 gallon jug or 30 gallon drum

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